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Photography by Pia Ribstein


November 12, 18:00-22:00

Opening night with the performance "Fragile", by Lyn Bentschik


Come and join this art collective festival from November 12 to 20,

every day from 4pm to 8pm.

✷ November 12, 18:00-22:00 - Opening night with the performance "Fragile", by Lyn Bentschik

✷ November 20, 13:00-20:00 - Closing brunch

Presented by the BØWIE Gallery, CØLLECTIVE (R)EVOLUTION is an ephemeral exhibition presenting some twenty talented young Swiss and European artists. This event offers visitors the opportunity to apprehend the issues related to gender and LGBTIQ+ themes through performances, paintings, photographs, installations...

Meet at VC7openspace (Verena-Conzett Str. 7, Zurich) & discover:

✷ A series of works featuring the diversity of gender issues through the theme "CØLLECTIVE (R)EVOLUTION"

✷ Artistic performances

✷ Film screenings

The main goal of this festival is to promote the work of young Swiss and European artists seeking to highlight the importance of representation and dialogue on queer and feminist issues. While offering a friendly and cheerful environment to raise awareness in an immersive way.

The exhibited artists are :

Xénia Laffely, Alexandre Haefeli,  Elodie Grethen, Benjamin Vedrenne, Zhion,  Sarah Steiner,  Catherin Schoeberl, Lyn Bentschik, Romain Berger, Pia Ribstein, Talaya Schmid, Masha Kunayeva, Laura Savry-Cattan

CØLLECTIVE (R)EVOLUTION is an exhibition organized and created by BØWIE Creators Gallery, a gallery that is part of the Be You Network association, which has been working to raise public awareness on gender issues since 2010.


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Untitled #1, 2022

Enamel and Acrylic on Aluminium

Custom framed in Silky Oak with Jarrah splines

122x 202cm

1000 DAYS 


Please join us on October 27, 18:00 - 21:00h


Details also available here:





1000 Days is Brett Weir’s first exhibition in Zurich after a three-year hiatus from Switzerland. His latest paintings bear vivid reference to Zürich, the city he called home for a decade and a half before the global pandemic hit.


Upon leaving Switzerland in late 2019, Weir planned to be back after the launch of an exhibition in Sydney. Then the world changed with the unforeseen spread of COVID: 

1,000 Days separate these paintings from the origin of their conception, yielding the title of this series. 


The fault line of the pandemic’s impact runs deeply between his departure in 2019 and this new series. The tone of the work however is defiantly vibrant, transcending the gloom of the epoch - reaching for the ephemeral and the phenomenal. Abstract as they appear, these paintings are nonetheless pervaded by deep, unconscious impressions of the artist’s experience of Zürich, specifically the city’s defining bodies of water. Within their abstraction remains an evident visual gestation; sometimes images become strangely clear as time separates us from their source. The paintings are rich with suggestions of the crystalline bodies of water and light phenomena that grace the picturesque city of Zurich. 


Ultimately the new series offers a poetic recollection of the place that has held the artist longer than any other in his adult life. The exhibition evokes an acknowledgement of the troubles of our time while simultaneously celebrating Switzerland’s natural splendour.



Take-Away Winterausstellung

27.11.2021 – 29.01.2022

Sa. 29. Januar 2022 12–18h



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